Aquiraz Riviera

Located in Praia de Marambaia, in Aquiraz, approximately 35 km from Fortaleza, Aquiraz Riviera is the largest world class tourist development in Brazil, with a total estimated value of US$350 million. The project is developed by Consórcio Luso-Brasileiro Aquiraz Investimentos SA, comprised of Ivens Dias Branco, an entrepreneur from Ceará, and the Portuguese companies Ceará Investment Fund - Fundo Turístico Imobiliário, Grupo Hoteleiro Dom Pedro and Solverde (a touristic division of the group Industrial Violas, with a concession from Cassinos do Algarve). Aquiraz Riviera has a total area of 285 hectares, of which 1,800 meters are ocean front. Its hotel area is divided into eight four-hectare plots located on the beachfront and, in the future, the complex will have a 58-hectare Environmental Protection Area, for the preservation of local fauna and flora. 

In addition to the construction of Hotel Dom Pedro Laguna – already completed and operational - the first phase of the development also includes: complete infrastructure (water supply, irrigation, electricity, and telecommunication networks), already installed; 9-hole golf course, Club House, Country Club, and Beach Club. 

The second phase of the development involves the construction of: multi-family developments, construction of other world class hotels, an additional 9 holes for the golf course (which will amount to 18), Village Mall, and Convention Center.  

Aquiraz Riviera will have several sports centers, especially the 18-hole, par 72 golf course covering 7,132 yards.


Investment, Generation of Employment and Human Resources

The investors estimate that, in ten years, the direct revenue will amount to a billion dollars, both directly and indirectly. Aquiraz Riviera should generate 4,500 direct employment opportunities once fully installed: 1,700 in the hospitality segment, and 2,800 in the golf, tourist residences, services, and business (Village Mall) segments. It is estimated that indirect employment opportunities in activities related to the development will amount to 5,000.

In order to take active part in this new reality and supply the demand for employment opportunities, the municipality of Aquiraz built a tourism and hospitality school, supported by the State Government and in partnership with Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial (Senac), to start managing technical courses that will prepare the local population to integrate with the tourist activities. 

In order to implement the infrastructure that will allow the development to work and to foster the expansion of a high standard tourist segment, in May 2003, the Government of the State of Ceará signed a letter of intentions, which was subsequently rectified and ratified as an Agreement in April, 2006. This document involves construction, highway paving, and infrastructure actions in the area where the development will be built and in its surroundings. 


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